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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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elderly woman badly injured after firefighters pull her from her burning apartment last night. we'll tell you how she was doing. when she was taken to the hospital. new twist in the dream liner dilemma. what may explain the airplane's problems. in all seven of your tour de france victories did you ever take banned substances or blood doping? >> yes. >> lance armstrong tell all interrue. what he told oprah and why some cyclists are not believing his apology. we are live in santa clara. we will tell you about all the excitement that is building about this weekend's playoff game.
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good morning. thank you for waking up with us this friday morning january 18th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right there. steve, thank you. >> for? >> for making it warm up. >> it was a little warmer. i was like wow this is nice. 62 degrees. well for some areas it was warmer than that. especially toward santa cruz. 30s and 40s and a couple 20s. but temperatures if you enjoyed yesterday you will like today. very similar. here is sal. steve, good morning. westbound this looks pretty good. and this morning if you are driving on the san mateo bridge it also is a nice drive over to the peninsula. let's go back to the desk. in the news this morning an elderly woman in hayward was rushed to the hospital last night after being found inside a burning apartment. ktvu alex savidge is there now with the latest on the woman and her fire damaged apartment.
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what do you know alex? >> reporter: we do know this woman was in very bad shape when firefighters pulled her out of that burning apartment. it's the second story unit here at this complex in hayward. you can see a lot of damage from the outside. this was an elderly woman who suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. after this fire started about 9:30 or so inside theout. we're right in her second and e street. crews on scene told us it was a fairly small kitchen fire to begin with. as crews made their way through the unit, they found this woman inside and she was unresponsive at the time. firefighters did say they were able to get a pulse on this woman once she was transported to the hospital. crews tell us this wasn't a large fire by any stretch that left this woman injured. >> we were able to extinguish the fire fairly quickly with an aggressive interior attack. we did find a victim within the
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home. they found him in the bedroom during a primary search. >> reporter: no one else aside from that woman was hurt in the fire. no firefighters injured here. that woman this morning is being treated at eden hospital. her condition is not being released but we are certainly working this morning to reach out to hayward fire department to figure out if we can get a better sense of how this woman is doing. again after she was badly injured. pulled from her burning apartment here. late last night. live this morning in hayward alex savidge. time is 5:01. young child in oakland remains in critical condition after being hit by a car. it happened at 28th avenue and foothill boulevard about 5:30. police say it was not a hit and run. investigators want to know if the young boy ran out into traffic or if he was in the crosswalk. new information this morning on boeing's troubled 787 dream liner. japanese investigator says excess voltage may be causing battery issues.
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the federal aviation administration grounded all of boeing 787 until they can prove the batteries are safe. that is after a dream liner had to make an emergency landing in japan after a battery light came on. and a battery fire was reported on another 787 in boston. we are following developing news in an ongoing situation in algeria. where they took dozens of foreigners hostage including some americans. there is word this morning the algerian military has launched another raid on the complex to try to free the remaining hostages. it's believed as many as 35 people were killed in a raid by algerian troops yesterday. coming up at 5:15 why algeria says it could not warn the u.s. in advance of launching an attack. time is 5:03. cycling star lance armstrong admitted to oprah that he used
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performance enhancing drugs. >> i made my decisions. they are my mistake. >> last night the first of a two part interview with oprah was broadcast. armstrong told her he needed to use performance enhancing drugs including testosterone and human growth hormones in order to win seven tour de france championships. many who watched his confession said it left them disgusted. >> i think he's mean. he's mean spirited. and i think that really comes across. >> however, there is other viewers who watched it and said armstrong should be remembered for the crew said he led in the fight against cancer. among other things lance armstrong wants to get his lifetime ban from competitive events lift sod he can compete in triathlons. live strong foundation released a statement saying he was disappointed in lance armstrong but also went on saying we also
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express our gratitude to lance as a survivor for the drive and devotion and spirit he brought to serving cancer patients and the entire cancer community. lance armstrong apologized to the charity earlier this week. the 49ers leave for atlanta today one win away from the super bowl. ktvu janine de la vega is in santa clara this morning as fans get more and more excited. janine. >> reporter: we are here at the 49ers training facility and the site of the new stadium you can see behind me. excitement has been building here all week in anticipation for this weekend's big game. now bay area fans have been stocking up on 49ers memorabilia at team stores. they plan to of course wear their jerseys and cheer on the team when they take on the atlanta falcons on sunday. this is the second year in a row the niners made it to the nfc championship. they are one game away from playing at the super bowl in new orleans. yesterday the team held a news conference. coach jim harbaugh said his
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team's philosophy for a win going into this game is simple. >> we'll do what we always do and speak for myself. pack a toothbrush and a great attitude and play a great football game. >> reporter: the niners are riding high from last weekend's win. all eyes will be on quarterback collin kaepernick the second year quarterback is driving up the price for gamblers who will bet he will take the team to the super bowl. coach harbaugh is not giving up his strategy for this weekend's game. they will be leaving today this afternoon to head to atlanta and coming up in the next half hour on the morning news, you will hear from fans and how they feel about this weekend, what their plans are. if they are going to bars and restaurants or watching from home. janine de la vega. >> for those that want to watch the game right here at ktvu
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channel 2 our coverage begins at 9:30 in the morning sunday with our championship play book show. followed by fox sports coverage. kickoff at shortly after noon. and point after will be following the game. >> i can watch the game right sneer? >> right here. you and i. >> and sal too? >> sal too. >> you are watching interstate 880. we are watching interstate 880. 80 looks pretty good if you are drying in from vallejo and over to the east shore freeway it does look very nice heading out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems getting up to the toll plaza. and traffic looks good westbound bay bridge. there are no major problems here coming to the toll plaza. the morning drive on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving along very nicely in san jose. 5:07 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have a dry forecast. warmer weather has been kicking in. temperatures have been getting
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into the 60s. that trend will continue after a very cold morning. 20s and 30s and 40s. highs anywhere from 58 to 70 degrees. matchy fog at best. there is some in the valley. and there is some offshore. by 7:00 and 8:00 some will show up. ridge of high pressure not going anywhere. it's getting attacked. it looks like it will hold its ground until wednesday of next week. 20s, 30s just depending on your location or upper 20s. i don't know what that 43. there is crazy temps out there. the wind is causing techs to be all over the place. santa rosa 27. concord 30. the wind a little bit of an easterly direction. as long as you have that, that can be really mild for some or cold for others. just depending on the proximity to the coast or bay. otherwise it will be sunny today. mild to warm. not much is changing over the weekend. hazy and warm. the breeze is calm at the surface. cold morning. mild to warm.
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temperatures upper 50s but more low 60s now. santa rosa 62 to 70 in santa cruz. 65 half-moon bay. morgan hill 66. not much change into your weekend. it does look a little cooler by tuesday. 5:08. today another spare the air day. third straight day which means wood fires illegal in fireplaces, stoas, or outdoor fire pits. if you are caught violating the ban you will be required to take a class oar pay a already 100 fine. the second violation is a $500 fine. sonoma county leads the bay area in spare the air complaints. press democrat reports over 110 wood burning violations in sonoma county last year. the most in any county. around the bay area there were more than 3700 complaints. 346 violations. luckily it has warmed up a
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bit. a five gallon bucket fell from the sky. where it came from and what it hit 37 and also gun sales are surging nation-wide. one type of gun that is completely sold out in many areas. good morning. driving on northbound or i'm sorry on westbound 237 does look pretty good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather. so... [ gasps ]
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5:12 is the time. marines in san diego are apologizing for dropping a five gallon bucket of cleaning solution right through the roof of an auto repair shop. it fell off a marine aircraft as it was flying overhead. it crashed through the roof of a business and damaged an rv. luckily the shop was closed at the time and no one was injured. >> things do happen. i don't think this is a chance to say hey it was a mistake. whatever. it's an opportunity for us to you know look at the already good safety measures we have in place for flying here in san diego and approve on. >> the marines say they will cover the costs of the damage done. people traveling through sfo may experience question lays. the airport will close down a runway for construction updates. that runway will open up on monday morning.
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time is 5:13. the pentagon is closely watching that hostage situation in algeria. kyla campbell. >> reporter: i did just put a call into the public affairs office at the pentagon. nobody answered. i am waiting to hear back from them. we do know leon panetta says the u.s. will do whatever is proper and necessary to deal with the hostage situation in algeria. its terrorist affiliated with al qaeda that are those taking over the gas complex. they took more than 40 hostages earlier this week including seven americans. the u.s. believes about 35 of the hostages were killed yesterday when the algerian government launched an assault on the complex. it's not known yet how many americans could be dead. algeria did not warn the u.s.
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before that assault. the country's leaders say they had to move quickly because they believe the attackers were gipping to take the hostages to -- were going to take the the hostages to a neighboring country where they could be used as as blackmail or killed. we'll have world reaction coming up when i see you next. time is 5:14. gun sales are surging nation- wide some gun stores are running out of military style assault weapons. since the current debate over gun control started, many gun store owners say their sales have more than doubled. demand for assault weapons is so high in some areas buyers are on a yearlong waiting list. they within to buy the assault weapons now in case they are banned later. man accused of a home invasion and rape in san francisco is due to appear in court today. 25-year-old jovan jones is
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expected in court today. jones faces nine felony counts. he's being held on $5 million bail. san jose out going police chief denied a request to allow gambling on the top floor of the new casino matrix. chris moore agreed with the casino administrator saying it would have an adverse effect on public health, safety, and welfare. matrix representative says he is disappointed with the decision. days after a virus scare at a contra costa county school a senior is recovering from a norovirus outbreak. 80 people got sick at the redwoods. two of them died. a virus also sickened more than 100 students at burton valley middle school. the best way to prevent the virus is washing your hands with soap and water. let's get you going. sal, you are watching the south
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bay. are they behaving out there? >> yeah, they are. we are looking at a pretty good south bay commute right now dave and pam. on 237 and 101 and 85 they are all at the speed limit here. as we see 237 there is not a lot of traffic. later on it will get busy. also looking at 880 in oakland the traffic here looks good. we have light travel times so far. we're looking at your travel time between 380 san bruno and highway 92. still about eight minutes. that is a great drive so far. i have a feeling it's not going to stay that way. give yourself plenty of time. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very cold to mild lows in san francisco. it's 45 to 50 on the range. 50 is by the presidio. north wind 45. temperatures are really mild for others it's in the 20s. i think fog will be showing up here. it's a dry pattern right into your weekend.
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hazy sunshine. a lot of systems are trying. it looks like by wednesday of next week something will break this ridge down a little bit. it looks like the pattern will change. i think we'll see an increase in the fog. maybe coast or inland fog. 49 san francisco. 40 in oakland. 28 in santa rosa. there is a big difference in some of the temps. you compute from santa rosa to the city you will go man it's cold to man it's mild. temperatures each day creeping up a little bit. a cold morning. mild to warm. hazy and warm on the temps. look for temperatures to be a few upper 50s but a lot of low 60s. napa at 63 degrees. san rafael 60. morgan hill 65. 70 santa cruz. looks nice. mild to warm expect for night and morning fog. it will be a mild weekend expect for the mornings. most financial markets continue to surge. the nikkei index surged nearly 3% overnight.
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the shanghai composite jumped a percentage and a half. they are optimistic about both the u.s. and chinese economies. in europe both the uk and french markets are up. germany down' fraction. checking in on our numbers right now i'm look hack the the futures. and it does look like a pretty mixed opening this morning for us. that is after a decent day yesterday. s & p 500 close to 1500. so we'll have a better look as we get closer to the opening bell. time now 5:18. a shark attack in hawaii? people are cautiously getting back into the water. where the shark went after a surfer and what kind of shark it was. a night of fun in costumes at the lady gaga concert. there was also a serious message for concert goers. you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the mornings top stories that develop while you were sleeping sent straight to your
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come on over to southwest, the one airline that changed the game for the whole industry. ♪ welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. hawaiian beach is back open but this is after a surfer was attacked by a shark. it happened after off the shore of kiholo bay.
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a 43-year-old monowas surferring about 200 yards offshore when a shark bit his arm. he also suffered injuries to his leg. it's believed the animal was a 15-foot tiger shark. >> this is somewhat concerning this is our surf break and there is a 15-20-foot shark right there just hanging out and living. they are generally territorial. >> no word on the surfers condition. authorities conducted an aerial search and did not find any existence of the shark. some witnesses say wednesday's fight ban between two girls and eventually a couple hundred people became involved. four students were arrested. two from berkeley high. two from berkeley tech. no one was seriously hurt. time is 5:23. thousands of lady gaga's fans
5:25 am
known as little monsters packed the concert for her born this way tour. there she is. more than 1300 fans were at last nights concert. a lot of them dressed up in fun costumes. tickets range from $50 to $170. some people paid even more than that to see her. fans we talked to say that lady gaga and her music has had a big im% on her lives. >> she has helped me overcome and gain confidence. she inspires confidence by being different and weird and crazy. >> and new to the tour the born brave bus tailgate helping young kids dealing with issues from bullying to mental health problems. it seems as though oakland raiders running back darren mcfadden will be staying in the east bay. mcfadden is under contract for one more year. raiders general manager reggie
5:26 am
says he's confident that mcfadden will play the final season of his contract. this is coming off a disappointing season. averaging less than 3.5 yards. mckenzie says he believes the offensive system didn't best utilize mcfadden's skills. mayors of santa clara and flowery branch georgia have made a friendly wager. the 49ers train in santa clara and atlanta falcons train in flowery branch. they are betting snoop by and charlie brown plush toys from great america. flowery branch mayor is offering a case of wrigley gum. the company's largest plant is located in that city. 5:25 is the time. let's check in with sal. hopefully no problems in the commute. >> yeah nothing major. we are off to a pretty decent start around the bay area. as we look at the pictures starting in the south bay.
5:27 am
also the morning commute is moving along very nicely on 680 southbound. heading all the way down to the south bay. it's 5:25 let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. another cold one did not so bad. their temperatures in the city that are in the upper 40s already at some locations inland. santa rosa being one. concord close. 49 san francisco and 40 in oakland. i looked at that 49 that is correct. there is even one 50 near the presidio. there is very mild temps. high pressure will kind of hold its ground for a couple days and give us 50 to low to mid 60s. >> thank you, steve. 5:25 is the time. overnight police chase gets turned upside down. the crash that left a car on its roof and police searching for a suspect. we're live in half-moon bay where warning about a dangerous waves digs in today. we'll tell you how it will coincide with the maverick's
5:28 am
surfing competition. it's a health scare. the shortage of flu vaccine. we'll tell you where you can still find it. droid dna augmentation initiated.
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hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it's 5:30. still early for a hot of people. >> still early for me. >> yeah. [ laughter ] it will be a nice
5:31 am
day. 50s to low to mid 60s. north and southbound 880. you are looking pretty good. should be a nice drive for you and in san francisco northbound 101 traffic off to a nice start. let's go back to the desk. a surfers dream can be a spectators nightmare. >> reporter: this is where they will be having the mavericks festival as well as the jumbo tron they will be setting up here. there will be no beach or bluff access. law enforcement will be shutting down all the roads that lead to pillar point. also the national weather service warning about possible
5:32 am
sneaker waves hitting the coast. that is starting late this afternoon through tomorrow morning. now if you'll remember three years ago during the mavericks surfing competition unexpected waves broke on shore and dozens of spectators at the southern tip of mavericks beach. within the past month waves have killed three people in the bay area including a man and his nine-year-old son who swept off the rocks while fishing in the head winds. a wave can strike with enough force to -- then they retreat back into the -- sneaker wave warning along the sonoma coastline citizen to san mateo county. officials have issued a high surf advisory that starts tomorrow and lasts through sunday. if you want to catch mavericks because of the 49er game a lot of folks might choose to stay at home and watch the game there as well as the surfing competition via live web cast. we will provide a link to that
5:33 am
on our ktvu website. if you do decide to come out here the maverick festival kicks off sunday morning at exactly 7:45. time to coincide with the first heat of when the contest starts. live from half-moon bay i'm tara moriarty. time now 5:31. overnight news a car chase in san lee a antero became a man hunt and a foot chase when the car flipped over. the car ended up on its roof late last night right where 580 and 238 meet. the driver of the car jumped out and ran away. police were out there searching the freeways and the nearby streets. we're checking with the police now to figure out if they have found the suspect and why there was a chase in the first place. also overnight the power is back on for thousands of pg&e customers in oakland. pg&e says under ground explosion and fire at park and mccarthur knocked out power to 5500 homes and businesses about 2:00 this morning. fire has been put out and the
5:34 am
power is fully restored. the first death due to the flu outbreak has been reported here in the bay area. health officials in santa clara county say an elderly woman who suffered from other chronic health problems died of the flu earlier this month. news of the death comes as several bay area pharmacies report running out of the flu vaccine temporarily due to high demand. >> a 98-year-old woman that had under lying chronic illnesses. >> the flu outbreak has raged epidemic levels in much of the country with dozens of deaths reported. at least five flu deaths have been reported here in california. now health officials say it is not too late to get the flu vaccine. washington hospital in fremont is holding a flu vaccine clinic this morning for children three years and old earn adults. vaccines cost $10. the event runs from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.. now also you can see where the flu vaccine is available by going to our website
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just look under the hot topic section and then you enter your zip code. time is 5:33. oakland mayor jean quan is in washington, d.c. asking for federal help to fight crime in the city of oakland. the mayor is in washington at the u.s. conference of mayors meeting. mayor quan say she is has meetings scheduled with representatives from the department of justice and from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms trying to bring more law enforcement resources to the city of oakland. we're also finding out the reasons behind san jose police chief chris moore's decision to leave the police department. the 51-year-old chief's last day on the job is tomorrow. now he says the last straw was when the city council voted against putting a half cent sales tax measure on last november's ballot to help the police department's finances. he decided if he didn't have the spot of city officials, it was time for him to go. the city of san jose still hasn't selected a permanent
5:36 am
replacement for chief moore. the bar high lot on the tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge could lose its license. state agency is investigating captain guy's conduct. that is according to the san francisco chronicle. research by the san francisco examiner says he had the most documented incidents between 2009 and 2011. the january 7th collision caused more than $2 million in damage. time now 5:34. sal is back. you are checking highway 4. the roads and bridges and everything. >> that is right highway 4 we will start there. we have a lot of slow traffic there early in the morning. but here in bay point it does look good. it's not all that bad yet in antioch. you will still be slowing a little bit. we're off to a decent start here. if you are driving to the bay bridge the traffic still looks good. yesterday we had a bad commute with a salt truck on the span. today we don't have any incidents and hopefully it will be a smooth drive. and of course we keep looking at traffic times for you. if you are driving down the
5:37 am
peninsula between 380 and 90. 280 looks good. 5:35 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. still very cold temperatures. upper 20s to some that are not too bad. not too bad san francisco at 49. oakland at 40. but temperatures away from the coast and cold category. upper 20s and 30s. there is an east wind at the napa airport. dry forecast warmer pattern. each day and especially coast and bay have been warming up. we are getting there. a little bit of fog might keep things in check. i think so far it has been rather quiet for us. there is fog off the coast. there is fog in the valley. over us it's only patchy at best. overall look for 50s to near 70 degrees. hazy sunshine. mild to warm. high pressure will hold its ground. maybe next wednesday there is sign one forecast model brings rain in here. over the weekend things look
5:38 am
good. hazy kind of skies mild to warm though. especially coast and bay. doesn't take long to start warming up. when you start off about 45 or 50 then you get in the low 60s. other areas might struggle to get near 60 but they are warming up. half-moon bay 65. redwood city 64. nice. right into the weekend as well looks good with your weekend always in view. a little cooler as you go into early next week. now we are two days away from the 49ers nfc championship game and the niners hope to make it back to the super bowl. ktvu janine de la vega live in santa clara where fans are getting ready for sunday's game. >> reporter: fans cannot wait for this weekend's game. we spoke to one man this morning who told me being this close to the super bowl makes him hope that one day it will be played here. this is the second year in a row the 49ers have made it to the nfc championship. if they win this game on sunday against the atlanta falcons,
5:39 am
they will head to the super bowl in new orleans. all eyes will be on collin kaepernick who had a stunning performance last weekend. bay area fans have been stocking up on 49ers memorabilia and jerseys. some are headed to a sports bar to watch the game while others are staying at home to watch it. >> i'm excited. i hope the 49ers win obviously. i'm a big niner fan. i've been a niner fan for as long as i can remember. so yeah i'm excited. >> reporter: yesterday the team held a news conference where coach jim harbaugh told everyone the team was ready to play a great game happen we wouldn't give away any details about strategy for the game. the team held their practice at the training facility yesterday in santa clara. excitement has been building here all week. of course now the focus goes to sunday and this big game. the nfc championship game. this team will be leaving this afternoon and right after i get off the air we are going to
5:40 am
head to another area of the south bay that will be packed with fans that is coming up at 6:30. reporting live from santa clara janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can see the hotters -- 49ers game right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts 9:30 a.m. sunday morning with our championship play book show. that is followed by the fox sports coverage. kickoff shortly after noontime. and our paint after show will -- point after show will immediately follow the game. 5:38 is the time right now. we have the first pictures of manti teo since the girlfriend hoax went public. what he is doing this weekend and what he told close friends about that scandal. there has been a track dramatic twist in the mother's story. why she may be facing charges herself. and if you are driving on the upper deck of the bay bridge all lanes are open.
5:41 am
traffic does look good into the city. we'll have another check of this commute coming up. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook.
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20s, 30s and 40s. almost 50 in san francisco. highs today sunny and mild and warm. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:41. we are still following developing news coming in right now from algeria. the latest report is that the islamic militants holding dozens of foreigners hostage at a natural gas plant. they want to make a deal. reportedly they want to trade two american hostages for two terror suspects right now in jail. back here at home an
5:44 am
elderly woman was found unresponse in hayward. firefighters were put out -- it was quickly put out. the condition of the woman right now is not known. a high surf advisory will go into effect today. the swells will be good for the mavericks surf contest. spectators will not be allowed on the beach for safety reasons. search for a suspected kidnapper has been called off and a mother could face charges of filing a false report. the mother claimed a has been tried to snatch her three-year- old daughter right outside their home. the story had inconsistencies and the mother admitted to making up the story when interviewed again. neighbors say they are shocked. >> i was really, really scared. especially we have a children. i feel like do we need to move
5:45 am
on or what? >> police did not give a motive and have not yet released the mother's name. she does have a criminal record. she could be arrested as early as today. we are learning of a new twist in last november's deadly home invasion robbery in monte sereno. the chronicle reports the victim ray veer hired a prostitute named raven dixon. dixon gave an oakland gang information on his mansion. the gang planned the home invasion. dixon faces charges of being an accessory to murder. now we have the first video of manti teo since his scandal of a nonexistent girlfriend broke. teo was spotted driving that golf cart yesterday. he was at a secluded football academy. he is training for the april nfl draft. one of the writers who broke this story thinks the notre
5:46 am
dame line backer was a part of the hoax. >> so you were in on the con. you know what he would be guaranteed. all the fame and attention from the dead girlfriend that boosted his national profile. >> in the mean tame he is reportedly telling friends he knew for weeks his reported stanford girlfriend never existed but he perp straited at hoax as notre dame was getting ready for the national championship game. alaskan airlines jet got a fighter jet escort because they had fears there might have been a hijacker on the plane. they got a call saying there was a possible hijacker on the plane. with military planes escort the the plane to seatec airport. they did question one man on board but didn't find him to be a threat. it looks like he may have been a target of a hoax. uc under graduate students
5:47 am
may not see their tuition go up next fall. they made that announcement yesterday. now as proposition 30 the uc system is expected to receive $125 million in state funding next year. that means there won't be a need to raise under graduate tuition. there is still talk of raising fees for graduate programs. contra costa county looking for help. volunteers to help count the homeless population. the count is on wednesday january 30th. volunteers have to be at least 18 years old and complete a one hour training session. the volunteers help gather the data the county needs in order to secure state and federal funding. estimates show more than 7,000 people in contra costa county experienced homelessness last year. time now 5:45. a three-day antigraffiti conference grandmothers up today in san francisco. hundreds of experts from around the world are tending the zero graffiti conference. graffiti costs the city of san francisco $20 million a year.
5:48 am
san francisco police make more than 250 arrests a year for graffiti related crimes. time is 5:46. president obama's reelection campaign is launching a new nonprofit group to support his second term agenda. the group is called organizing for action. it will be officially announced today. the group is looking to take the energy from the president's reelection campaign and turn it into support for his priorities. first they will encourage supporters to push congress on president's supporters for tougher gun control. scalpers that will try to make a profit on the inauguration tickets will be blocked from craigs list and e-bay. he's in charge of the congressional inauguration committee. now according to the committee, some scalpers have already posted tickets at prices asking for thousands of dollars. some 250,000 tickets were given
5:49 am
away for free to the public from congressional offices. ktvu will have live coverage of president obama's inauguration beginning sunday. ktvu tori campbell and ken will be at washington, d.c. for us. look for their live reports beginning on morning on 2s. let's check in with sal. >> good morning, dave and pam. we're looking pretty good here. i don't want to sound too optimistic because things start to change in the 6:00 hour. right now as we see 880 north and southbound it looks pretty good. we don't have a lot of problems reported. sometimes we'll just take the good and not ask too many questions. there is traffic that is moving along pretty well all the way up to the downtown oakland exits. also we are looking at here at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the traffic is still doing pretty well there. on the peninsula we have a problem southbound 280 at the vista point off ramp.
5:50 am
where they have one of the look outs up there. there is a crash apparently it may have been caused by a deer running across the road on 280 southbound as you drive down toward redwood city in that area. you might see slow traffic on 280 after 92 heading south. we're just finding out more about this. we'll let you know more. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we do have clear skies pap little bit of haze around. maybe patchy fog. temperatures starting off 20s and 30s and 50 degrees. san jose 36. redwood city 34. livermore 30. there is a big difference in temps. napa airport 39 with an east breeze to 6 miles an hour. warming trend dry forecast to about next wednesday. there are signs next wednesday we could get rain in here. i think january will go down as one being cold. although our high temps are coming up. there are few in the upper 60s
5:51 am
and 70s. patchy fog is possible opinion in the next hour or two you will see some of that pop up. overall hazy sunshine. high pressure says i like it right here. there will be some fog forming. but hazy and warm. cold morning for some. mild to warm on the highs. in fact upper 50s to low to mid 60s. 70 santa cruz. half-moon bay 65. pleasanton 62. redwood city 64. no change into your weekend. it does look nice. apple ceo tim cook will be questioned in a lawsuit over a no job poaching agreement. the san jose mercury news reports cook will be questioned in a deposition ahead of a decision on whether the case can proceed in a class action lawsuit. five former employees filed the lawsuit against companies include l apple and google alleging the agreement to not cold call employees eliminated
5:52 am
competition. google's executive chairman is expected to be questioned next month. the sale of clorox is now complete. the 24 story building on broadway has been solded to west corp properties of san francisco. instagram has more than 90 million active users. that number up 10%. . the photo sharing service says the users up load 40 million photos a day. instagram made the announcement to counterspeculation saying it was losing users over the new term of service. the cash ran out the first time. what will happen next? what marin county is planning next week after its first gun buy back event drew a lot of people but still backfired. plus why an eye popping competition may soon be coming to a community near you. q
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
good morning. 20s and 30s to 49 degrows grows -- degrees in san francisco. on the coast temperatures 60s for some to upper 60s for others. time now 5:54. raging wild fires in australia have killed at least one person and destroyed several homes.
5:56 am
the flames were so intense even firefighters ran for shelter. investigators say one man's body was found inside of a burned car. he's the first confirmed death among the hundreds of fires that have been raging through australia in recent weeks. right now in chicago the body of a lottery winner who was poisoned is being exhumed. in fact, we are there live. these are live pictures you're looking at. this is the chicago cemetery where 46-year-old kon was buried. he died in july just as he was about to collect $425,000 in lottery winnings. his death at first was ruled as natural causes. but after a relative asked for a deeper look, full toxicology results revealed he was poisoned with cyanide. his wife and father-in-law have been questioned but so far no one has been arrested. officials are hoping a forensic autopsy will reveal
5:57 am
poison got into his system. no money will be handed out at next monday's gun buy back event in marin county. that is because the program has run out of cash. more than 800 weapons were turned in earlier this week. organizers gave away their allotted money and started issuing vouchers. they now need to raise $60,000 to cover the vouchers. >> we are calling this more of a gun surrender program than a buy back program. because we spent all the funding on the first day. >> next monday's event has been paired down to a single drop off site. people are encouraged though to voluntarily turn in guns, ammunition, and violent video games. federal judge considering san francisco nudity ban says taking off your clothes in public is not a political speech. the judge said he would make a ruling this month. the new requiring san francisco yaps to cover up is set to go
5:58 am
into effect next month. the winter x-games may soon be coming to lake tahoe. espn who owns the franchise released a list of four locations that may host the competition for three years beginning in 2015. the list includes aspen, colorado, park city utah, and lake tahoe. if lake tahoe wins the competition, it would be held a couple of pam's favorite places. heavenly or squall valley resorts. >> heavenly is heavenly. it's a beautiful view. coming up on 6:00 and sal is checking a problem on the peninsula. what is going on? >> that problem we told you about last time southbound 280. car hit not one but several deer here. injury crash and all lanes are temporarily blocked. 280 is not the best bet. i would say use 101.
5:59 am
and quickly to a live picture here we go to the sunol grade. that traffic looks good heading down to san jose. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. time now 5:57. after denying for decades he used steroids, lance armstrong finally admitted it. >> yes or no did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yeah. >> his televised confession to oprah. why some local cyclists don't buy his apology. continuing investigation in hayward where an unconscious elderly woman was found inside an apartment that was on fire. we'll have a live report coming up next. yesterday was warm coast and bay. can we continue that today and into the weekend? answer coming up.


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